Early Child hood

American Early Childhood ( Pre- Kindergarten and Kindergarten)

• This is a time of rapid growth, when children are developing physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially, as well as acquiring positive attitudes towards school and the love of learning which supports a successful school career; so your choice of school is critical at this time.

• Learning in Pre-School and Pre-K is fun and curriculum goals are achieved through purposeful, well-planned play and practical activities which are both child-initiated and teacher-directed.

• The children work towards the Early Learning Standards and are assessed using various assessments to monitor and record their progress and development throughout Pre-School and Pre-K.

Teaching and learning in K is planned according to the US Common Core Standards and is supported by a range of high quality books and resources from the US. They develop their speaking, listening, writing, reading and math skills by following the Common Core Standards. They also follow the Next Generation Science Standards. History, Geography and cross-curricular topics which foster knowledge and understanding of the world are all brought alive through practical hands-on experience and regular field trips. Specialist teachers teach Arabic, PE, Computer Science and Music.