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    Striving for Excellence
  • NIS Provides its students with quality education, qualified teachers and challenging programs
  • NIS strives to create a disciplined, safe, happy and caring atmosphere


Striving for Excellence by setting high levels of expectations for students and staff performance.

  • Responsibility; understanding rights and duties.
  • Respect , Honesty
  • Compassion , Ambition
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NIS Goals

To encourage respect for the rights and views of others; the acceptance of personal responsibility for one’s own actions

  • To inspire in our students an excitement for the acquisition of knowledge
  • To train students to think critically
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Admission Proccess

A special circular is issued by the NIS Department of Admissions, generally by Mid November, and given out to the school students. The Circular includes the starting dates for new admissions

  • The same circular is published on the School’s website
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Dear NIS parents and guardians,

Complying with the presidential decree of suspending schools for two weeks, the school will be closed effective tomorrow Sunday March 15, 2020. The school shall continue the learning process through Classera and you shall be updated on Monday March 16th 2020 with the schedule of delivering lessons. Parents who wish to visit the school to collect their children’s books/materials (left at school), please visit the school only on Monday March 16th from 9am till 1pm, due to traffic and road congestion resulted from the unstable weather.Thank you.
School Administration

السادة الأفاضل أولياء الأمور ،

توافقًا مع القرار الرئاسي بتعليق الدراسة لمدة إسبوعين، تعلن إدارة المدرسة عن وقف الدراسة بدءًا من الغد الاحد ١٥ مارس ٢٠٢٠، وستواصل المدرسة عملية التعلم من خلال كلاسيرا وسوف نرسل لحضراتكم خطة العمل يوم الاثنين. المدرسة ستقوم باستقبال أولياء الأمور يوم الاثنين مارس ١٦ فقط من ٩ صباحًا و حتى ١ ظهرًا لتسليم الكتب الخاصةبالطلاب (في حالة تركها بالمدرسة).
إدارة المدرسة

Here we GO .... Our Nefertari international school ... #NISOctober #InternationalschoolsinEgypt #schoolsin6thofOctober #EducationinEgypt

Posted by Nefertari International Schools - October on Thursday, 14 March 2019

Welcome to NIS 6Oct Branch!

Striving for Excellence.

Nefertari International School American and British Divisions 6Oct Giza, Egypt provides its students with quality education, qualified teachers and challenging programs of International Education while maintaining their cultural identity as Egyptians.

NIS strives to create a disciplined, safe, happy and caring atmosphere that encourages students to be responsible, confident, compassionate, and well informed citizens who contribute to their local and international community.

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We're ambitious!

We set high standards for all students and staff.


We're open!

Welcoming, supportive and fair to all school community members.


We aim for Excellence!

In all our teaching, learning and assessment, and across our campus and facilities.



We are professional and purposeful.

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