Primary School Years(1-5)

The British National curriculum, incorporated with the Cambridge International Primary curriculum provides the most up to date method for effective education based on achieving international learning goals.
Litercy, Numercy, Science and Information Technology form a core part of the curriculum which aims to nurture children who are highly literate and numerate independent learners, capable of accessing and using information in a variety of forms and with understanding.
As to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, students also study a range of other subjects as religion, art, humanities, music. Subjects like History and Geography are also based on the Cambridge curriculum, while incorporating the Egyptian identity and cultural distinctiveness.
We provide our students with a distinguished teaching of Arabic Language, wrapped with a special touch. We aim for teaching our students how to appreciate Arabic literature, besides enhancing the skills of writing and reading. We also focus on maintaining (French or German) as a second Language.

Middle School (Pre-IGCSE)

We are also offering the Pre-IGCESE programme (years6, 7, 8 and 9). This programme prepares children aiming for IGCSE at an early stage, by giving them a boast in the English Language, and adequate training in Math, Science, Social studies, French, and other subjects commonly selected for their IGCSE certificate.

High School (IGCSE)

Academic Program for the IGCSE in Nefertari

In the first year, students study 5 OL subjects: Maths, Chemistry, Biology, English as a second language.
They have to choose one subject out of :( Arabic , IT , French, German , Physics).
In the second and the third year subjects: Optional according to choice of career: Most students in the second year study AS subjects + 3 O levels, in the third year, A2 level subject of the AS subject studied the year before or new AS or AL subjects.